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Our Team

We are an international consortium of consultants to resource industries world-wide. A shared background in structural geology is our common link, but each brings specialist skills that allow us to provide troubleshooting expertise to a large range of problems. We provide solutions both as independent consultancies and in collaboration.


Rod Holcombe: Structural geology, oriented core analysis, 3-D modeling, training. Rod is now semi-retired except for desk jobs and advice


Tim Coughlin: Structural geology, target generation,  project design & management


Nick Oliver: Geochemistry, hydrothermal pathways, structural geology, geochem-geophys-structure data fusion. Nick is currently the principal consultant at HCOVG. Contact Nick...


Rick Valenta: Geophysical interpretation, target generation, structural geology, 3-D modelling, project design & management


News & Events

JULY 4-5, 2024: 2 HALF-DAY ONLINE TRAINING: DRILL DATA GEOLOGY INTERPRETATION (jointly with CET/UWA Earth Sciences)  Course leader, contact Nick Oliver (HCOV)


Nov, 2023
The second print-run for the print version of the Rod Holcombe text: Mapping & Structural Geology in Mineral Exploration has now sold out although the digital pdf format remains available. This is a text aimed at professionals who may be in need of a refresher in practical structural geology. The book puts practical aspects first with theory at the back just in case you need to delve a little deeper. The book is also available in pdf form for on-line download.

More details, and links to the commercial distribution site, can be found under the Downloads menu here.


  • On-site & off-site consulting

  • Project to regional scale structural geology

  • ​​3-D Modeling

  • Integrated geochemical analysis

  • Integrated geophysical analysis

  • ​Hydrothermal systems & pathways analysis

  • ​Project generation & review

  • Due Diligence​

  • Country entry studies

  • QA/QC Services

  • Training & mentoring

Free Downloads
  • Structural geology Windows software

  • Oriented drillcore measurement and procedures manual©

  • ​​Workshop manuals: managing large hydrothermal systems©

  • Oriented drillcore printable wrap-around protractor templates©

  • Structural plotting templates

  • ​Spreadsheet template for producing geochemical isocon diagrams©

  • GIS (Mapinfo) software

  • Datum and projection fundamentals in GIS

  • Structural geology training animations

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