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Project and Portfolio Review

Identification and acquisition of a project is a watershed moment for any company, as it usually marks the start of a program of significant risk expenditure.  It is vitally important to ensure that any project or portfolio of projects has all the ingredients required to be successful, that it ranks the best against other alternatives, and to properly assess whether new data or understanding has downgraded or upgraded the project or portfolio relative to other alternatives.


HCOV Global principals have been involved in a large number of project acquisitions, and have a strong track record of identification and acquisition of value-accretive projects.  We can tell which projects have the right combination of geological potential, amenability and cost of exploration, and permissibility of jurisdiction to create value for your company.  The services we offer include:


  • Review and prioritisation of projects

  • Due diligence on proposed acquisitions

  • Advice and reporting related to corporate transactions


Contact:  HCOVG Global

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