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Project and Target Generation

No matter how well you employ the modern tools of exploration, you won’t find anything if it isn’t there to be found.  It is well understood that the best way to make sure you are exploring in the right place is to have a full understanding of the geological phenomena controlling the location of the best mineralisation, and to use the best time-space analysis, terrane maps, tectonic and metallogenic understanding to prioritise ground and property acquisition and subsequent exploration


We have experience and a successful track record in framework studies, terrane prioritisation, target generation and powerful Decision Support Systems (DSS) on every inhabited continent and for ages and styles of mineralisation ranging from the Archaean to recent, over a range of commodities.  We can get you up to speed in a new country or area more quickly and cheaply than you can yourself.  We can use our experience and capabilities to unlock new targets in the datasets that you already have to hand. The services we offer include:


  • Opportunity sourcing and due diligence

  • DSS, Country and terrane entry studies

  • Regional data synthesis and targeting

  • Brownfields target generation


Contact:  HCOV Global

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