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We offer a range of professional development training that draws both on both our academic backgrounds and our extensive field experience. Both Rod Holcombe and Nick Oliver have extensive professorial-level academic/teaching backgrounds. Tim Coughlin & Rick Valenta have both academic and business backgrounds, with expertise in both fundamental exploration as well as project business development and management. Together we provide an extensive training coverage of mapping, structural and metamorphic geology, exploration geophysics, exploration and hydrothermal fluid geochemistry, oriented core quality control and interpretation, and exploration and business practice in frontier environments.

Our strengths:
  • 80+ years combined research-based theory acquisition

  • 70+ years combined teaching experience

  • 100+ years combined field experience in 6 continents in all terrane types


We provide training via:
  • in-house courses aimed at consolidating and enhancing structural and geochemical tools of the young professional;

  • workshops that concentrate on developing links between observation and practical analysis;

  • on-site mentoring, working with young professionals to help them learn to deal with terranes that are outside their experience.

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