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Nick Oliver

Nick Oliver Bsc Hons (Qld); PhD (Monash); FSEG; FAIG; MSGA

Principal & Consultant HCOV Global

Nick currently trades as: HCO Associates Pty Ltd

[ABN:52 154 666 707]

6 Hancock Rd, Alligator Creek, Queensland, Australia, 4816,

Phone: +61 417764880


Adjunct Professor of Economic Geology

Economic Geology Research Unit,

James Cook University, Townsville, Qld 4811, Australia



I take a comprehensive, data-fusion approach to understand hydrothermal systems, and try to apply these to my clients' needs. I use a field-and mine-based application of fused geochemical, structural, and geophysical datasets, based on a skill-set that has straddled structural geology and geochemistry/petrology throughout my career. If your rocks have veins, breccias or alteration, I'm interested. Most of my impact for clients has been in a lateral-thinking approach to existing data sets and problems, combined with a comprehensive work-up of geochemical and structural data (some derived from geophysical interpretation). I've worked extensively in mineralized systems of almost all ages around the world including Precambrian lode gold deposits, VHMS deposits, IOCGs, iron ores, base metals, uranium and REE, and my recent experience has included Paleozoic to modern epithermal, skarn, porphyry, and other vein-hosted Au, Cu, U, REE deposits and targets in the Pacific Rim and the Tethys.  I was Director of the Economic Geology Research Unit and Professor of Economic Geology at James Cook University in Australia from 1997 to 2010, and joined the HCOV Global consulting consortium in 2010, as Principal Consultant.


My earlier academic background has assisted in the provision of field- and class-based workshops, both public and in-house, to over 3000 industry geologists over a 25 year period, and this training continues today, including regular involvement with the CODES masters/industry training program, and with Roundup. Topics have included combining structural and geochemical data in large hydrothermal systems, introduction to alteration and geochemistry, thematic courses on lode gold, IOCGs, ores in metamorphic rocks, and applied structural/alteration mapping and core logging skills, ranging from 100+ attendees at Roundup to hands-on training for site geologists in Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Finland and the Philippines. I continue an involvement in supervision of postgraduate students at EGRU (James Cook University) engaged in industry-university collaborations. Other experience includes a stint on the Australian Research Council panel assessing earth sciences grant applications from researchers, and a recent contract with an e-Research program at JCU encouraging upload, storage and management of scientific datasets.


Address all HCOV Global and JCU  correspondence to:

Dr Nick Oliver
HCOVG Global
6 Hancock Rd, Alligator Creek
Queensland, 4816

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