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On Site Consulting

Our core business is on-site consulting anywhere in the world with emphasis on structural, fluid, or terrane complexity.

We have between us over 90 years of experience in a broad spectrum of terranes and commodities, although we individually offer different levels of specialisation in different aspects (see here). Projects can be arranged through any one of the HCOV Global Principals. Projects can be serviced, at the client’s discretion, by any of the HCOV Global Principals, alone or in any combination.

Project details are kept confidential to the HCOV Global person actively servicing the project. Each Principal operates as an independent business and contracts and invoices are between the client and the active Principal.


3-D Modeling


We integrate on-site structural mapping, core logging, and analysis of complex targets with the design and production of 3-D structural models, fully interpreted and linked to the exploration program.

Modeling programs can be on a continuing development basis as part of our one-on-one consultancy service, or as a turnkey package with one or more HCOV Global Principals involved, and other Associates as required.


On-site Training

We provide on-site training at any level in structural geology, metamorphic geology, fluid and alteration geochemistry, tectonics, and terrane evaluation. In doing so we draw on over 50 years of teaching experience between us. Three levels of training are provided:

• Entry-level courses in mine and pit structural mapping, alteration mapping, and basic structural geology

• Intermediate level courses in structural geology, field mapping and structure, and hydrothermal geochemistry

• Advanced courses in structural analysis, shear zone analysis, hydrothermal systems analysis.



Target generation and terrane prioritisation


We apply detailed time-space analyses, tectonic and metallogenic studies to prioritise geologic terranes. Priority geologic terrane forms the focus for confident opportunity identification and for the generation of new projects and exploration targets.


QA/QC of exploration practice

We can provide QA/QC evaluation and advice in the following:

  • Oriented drill core practices and structural data evaluation (Rod Holcombe)

  • Assay and geochemical database evaluation (Nick Oliver)

  • Exploration strategies and risk analysis in frontier environments (Tim Coughlin; Rick Valenta)

  • Due Diligence (Rick Valenta; Tim Coughlin)

Project & Portfolio
Management; due diligence, & review

With a background in project development and management, Tim Coughlin and Rick Valenta are ideally placed to offer advice and service in:

  • Review and prioritisation of projects

  • Due diligence on proposed acquisitions

  • Advice and reporting related to corporate transactions


Hydrothermal systems/fluid pathways analysis


We provide practical field-based analyses of the hydrothermal framework of mineralisation at both the deposit-scale and regional exploration scale. From on-site analysis of the core elements of alteration, geochemistry, geometry, and timing we track fluid flow pathways that have led to mineralization, indentify likely target paramenters, and provide practical 'toolkits’ of sampling and logging procedures tailored for each deposit.

Country Entry Studies

Sometimes, either for confidentiality reasons or due to commitments elsewhere, companies and clients choose to outsource early-stage assessment of new country-entry programmes. Generally this includes an initial assessment of prospectivity, risk and operating environment followed by reconnaissance field network building  trips. HCOV Global with its unique skills and network of contacts throughout the international security, risk advisory and risk management network is ideally positioned to conduct these country-entry contracts utilising a variety of funding alternatives. Please contact either Dr Tim Coughlin or Dr Rick Valenta for further information

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