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Geological consulting

Companies spend millions of dollars on drilling, geophysical and geochemical surveys, geological mapping and drillhole logging.  Having spent that money, it is very important to make sure that it is used to extract the best possible new drill targets from those datasets.  Doing so requires not only a good understanding of the regional geology, but also an understanding of the patterns of geology, structure and alteration most likely associated with new drill targets.  It is also vitally important that the geological information gained through exploration programs feeds back into the 3D geological models used for resource estimation


We have a strong background in field-based structural analysis, and a strong practical understanding of the expression of structures, alteration and mineralisation in geophysical and remote sensing datasets.  We have the tools and capabilities to build rigorous 3D geological models in structurally complex settings, and have done so for numerous JORC and 43-101 resource estimation exercises. The services we offer include:


  • Interpretation and structural analysis of geophysical and remote sensing datasets

  • Geologically and structurally rigorous 3D models for resource estimation

  • Regional data synthesis and targeting

  • Independent reporting under JORC and 43-101 codes


Contact:  HCOV Global

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