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Project Management

We all understand that it is important to ensure that exploration programs are fit for purpose and compliant with the codes under which we operate as an industry, and that exploration in any jurisdiction must comply with local regulations and be done in a way which is safe and does not jeopardise the company’s social license to operate a mine and facility.  In some cases, a given company may lack the human resources to manage its own exploration in a given jurisdiction, or may prefer for some reason to have its exploration carried out by a third party


We have run successful exploration programs in a range of jurisdictions around the world.  We know what needs to be done in order to carry out a successful exploration program, and we have the networks required to identify the key technical and administrative support and tasks in order to complete exploration programs on time, in budget, and in a way that preserves the support and goodwill of stakeholders.  The services we offer include


  • Planning and execution of programs

  • Sourcing of support and contractors

  • Budgeting and management

  • Compliance with local permitting and reporting requirements

  • Public reporting under JORC and 43-101 codes


Contact:  HCOV Global

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