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From time to time we offer workshops open to clients from multiple companies. These include both structured workshops on topics such as Hydrothermal Systems Geochemistry as well as conducted district-scale field trips.

An example is the Mines And Field Instruction Course (MAFIC) providing a transect through the Uranium, Rare Earth, and Copper deposits across the Mount Isa Inlier. The workshop combined field examination of critical outcrops, mine visits, and evening round-ups designed to produce a comprehensive understanding of the local and regional controls on these deposits.

ioGAS pluggedIn 
Online training 

Week of July 20, 2020, starting 1100 AEST (GMT+10) each day

Course presenters:

Nick Oliver (HCOV GLOBAL), Nick Cook (Mawson Resources), Fred Blaine and Dave Lawie (IMDEX/REFLEX)

This course is intended for geologists working in the minerals sector, geological surveys, research organizations and students, to learn and/or improve their ioGAS skills, no matter their level of experience. Until you’ve used ioGAS, you won’t understand how effective it is for optimising workflows, teaching you new geochemical, geostatistical and structural skills, and generally making your life easier and more productive through its cleverly engineered interface.

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